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05 June 2024


Now in its fourth consecutive year, this event offers unparalleled access to major PGMs market participants across China and beyond.


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04 June 2024

Any delays to forecast recycling recovery will prolong larger deficits in the palladium market

17 May 2024

London Platinum Week’s key themes risk deepening deficits, supporting the compelling investment case

02 May 2024

Hybrid and EREV market share growth overtaking BEV supports higher-for-longer automotive PGM demand

18 April 2024

Latest Russia Sanctions Unlikely to Impact Near-term PGM Markets, but There May Be Longer Term Benefits

March 2024 (II)

Revised US emission timelines support higher for longer PGM demand

March 2024 (I)

Platinum’s supply risks cannot be overlooked as PGM prices remain weak and miners reduce capex

February 2024

With palladium oversold and platinum’s attractive fundamentals, both metals have upside

January 2024

Platinum for palladium substitution is embedded into automotive demand and unlikely to reverse swiftly

December 2023 (II)

South Korea’s H2 plans support future platinum demand

December 2023 (I)

Sustained recycling challenges could deepen platinum supply-demand deficits

October 2023

Hydrogen Tech Expo: Evidence of growing momentum, with platinum set for key role as a transition metal

September 2023 (II)

China’s demand for glass fibre to continues to grow, supporting ongoing platinum industrial demand growth

September 2023 (I)

Punitive tariffs against Chinese automakers could slow European BEV adoption and boost platinum demand

August 2023

Projected platinum supply/demand deficits should provide price support through economic down-cycle

July 2023

Shanghai Platinum Week 2023

June 2023 (II)

Iridium availability is not a bottleneck to PEM electrolyser ramp-up; platinum demand from PEM electrolysers could reach >500 koz p.a. within 10 years

June 2023 (I)

ETF investment returns: Growing investor appetite for platinum could deepen market deficit

May 2023

How to solve an almost 1 Moz platinum market deficit

April 2023

China’s economic data gradually improved each month through Q1, resulting in Q1 2023 GDP growth of 4.5% exceeding consensus forecasts of 4.0%

March 2023

The significant existing market for grey hydrogen de-risks new green hydrogen projects supporting their growth and associated platinum demand

January 2023

Electricity shortages may elevate platinum’s historic January/February positive price seasonality in 2023

December 2022

The nature and size of platinum above ground stocks now locked up in China combined with the 2023 forecast deficit could materially impact price discovery

November 2022

ETF disinvestment may reflect a change in investor preference to rather own physical platinum

October 2022

Above ground stocks are not seen as a major headwind to platinum prices as deficits loom


May 2024

Updated palladium supply/demand outlook: Reduced supply and stronger near-term demand prolong larger deficits

April 2024 (II)

Unpacking the economics of the hydrogen economy reinforces conviction that platinum demand will benefit from a major new emerging end-market.

April 2024 (I)

Hydrogen 101 – An introduction for investors.

January 2024

Updating WPIC’s two- to five-year supply demand outlook: Multi-year deficits expected

December 2023

Platinum’s consecutive market deficits could deepen as lower PGM prices increase mine supply risks

September 2023

Palladium’s five-year supply/demand outlook and its role in liberating platinum for the hydrogen economy

August 2023

Steady, strong growth in platinum chemical demand highlights the benefits of platinum’s diversity of end uses

July 2023

Prioritising hybrid ICE technology would minimise life cycle CO2 emissions and avoid a critical minerals shortage, versus the current “BEV first” strategy

June 2023

Updating WPIC’s two- to five-year supply demand outlook: Consecutive years of deficits

March 2023

Updating WPIC’s two- to five-year supply demand outlook: Supply side risks raise conviction on deficits

December 2022

Updating WPIC’s two- to five-year supply/demand outlook: Sustained platinum deficits

September 2022

Updating WPIC’s two- to five-year supply/demand outlook

July 2022

Higher substitution and loadings more than offset vehicle production risks to platinum automotive demand

June 2022 (II)

WPIC inaugural two- to five-year platinum supply/demand outlook

June 2022 (I)

Automotive drivetrain outlook and the implications for sustained long term platinum demand

March 2022 (II)

Fuel cell electric vehicles a key driver of long-term demand growth for platinum

March 2022 (I)

Sanctions against Russia and Russian entities on supply and demand of platinum group metals

January 2022

The nature of platinum industrial demand

February 2021

Above Ground Stocks (AGS) for platinum

June 2020

Platinum 101 – An introduction for investors

March 2020

An analysis of the palladium market


05 June 2024

Shanghai Platinum Week 2024

29 May 2024


08 May 2024

Platinum Platters

10 April 2024

Plug-in with Platinum

21 March 2024

Platinum on Film

14 March 2024

Hydrogen in South Korea

29 February 2024

UK Hydrogen Week 2024

21 February 2024

Hydrogen Refuelling in Europe

31 January 2024

Spotlight on South Korea

17 January 2024

How to invest in Platinum

14 December 2023

Iconic Investment

07 December 2023

Research & Development

29 November 2023

Platinum Alternative

16 November 2023

Maritime Platinum

8 November 2023

Platinum For The Win

26 October 2023

Platinum Advantage

12 October 2023

Liberating Platinum

21 September 2023

Automotive Boost

14 September 2023

Gigawatt Growth

30 August 2023

Platinum in Shenzhen

17 August 2023

Iridium Availability

27 July 2023

Platinum on Location

19 July 2023

Medical Advances

5 July 2023

Hydrogen Inroads with Platinum

21 June 2023

Platinum Market in Deficit


8-11 July 2024

Shanghai Platinum Week 2024