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The Royal Mint: A Legacy Brand Shaping the Future of Precious Metals


With a history spanning more than 1,100 years, The Royal Mint is one of Britain’s oldest companies and the original maker of UK coins. Today, The Royal Mint is a premium British maker at the forefront of manufacturing excellence and the home of precious metals. Its core purpose is to provide UK coins to the UK Government and The Royal Mint is known globally for producing market-leading gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars.

Based in South Wales in the UK, it has three main focuses as a business: Currency, Consumer (collectable and rare, historic coins) and precious metals investment.

The company has also built a portfolio of physically backed, digital precious metals solutions, and customers can purchase fractions of investment-grade bullion bars.

As Head of Bullion Sales, Nick Bowkett leads the strategic development and distribution of physical precious metals, with the growing number of investors across territories worldwide in mind. Crucible spoke to Bowkett about how the legacy company is changing with the times.

A Legacy Brand Shaping the Future of Precious Metals
Nick Bowkett, Head of Bullion Sales at The Royal Mint

How has The Royal Mint managed to successfully evolve into a consumer brand, expanding into precious metals investment products, the sale of historic coins, jewellery, and luxury collectibles?

Over the past couple of decades, The Royal Mint has transformed from a traditional manufacturer to a modern, highly digital organisation and we’ve been successful in our diversification. We’ve started some new businesses – including our jewellery collection, 886 by The Royal Mint – grown in new markets and new countries.

We recognised that the way people spend is changing, and to keep up with the times, we needed to adapt by providing our customers with premium products. Our Precious Metals division is thriving and we have a range of products and services including precious metal bars, coins and DigiGold.

Our most popular bullion ranges include the Sovereign and Britannia, which has been credited as the most visually secure bullion coin in the world due to its state-of-the-art security features. We added anti-counterfeiting features to our 99.99% gold and 99.9% silver Britannia coins from 2021, to help reassure customers that the coins they purchase are genuine.

The coin’s authenticity can be verified via its four security features, which are visible to the naked eye, negating the need for specialist equipment. This has been well received by retail investors and since introducing these security features, there has been a marked growth in sales of our Britannia coins. They continue to be extremely popular in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Royal Mint 2023 Britannia stack featuring 1oz gold coins and minted bullion bars
The Royal Mint 2023 Britannia stack featuring 1oz gold coins and minted bullion bars

Could you share with us more about The Royal Mint’s new five-year growth plan and how it plans to become a leader in sustainable precious metals?

At The Royal Mint, we are dedicated to not only providing sustainable precious metals but also championing British craftsmanship and growing the appeal and value of our organisation for the future. We’re setting new standards in sustainable precious metals and are investing in innovative solutions to reduce our reliance on mined precious metals.

We’re excited to share that we’ve invested in a multi-million-pound plant which, when fully operational in the autumn, will safely process up to 90 tonnes of UK-sourced circuit boards per week, generating hundreds of kilograms of gold per year, which will be used within The Royal Mint’s jewellery collection, 886 by The Royal Mint. We also recycle surplus gold waste from bullion coins into our investment bars and we’re proud to say that The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC is backed by 100% post-2019 LBMA-approved gold bars. Sustainability is integral to our five-year growth plan.

What are the key markets and focus areas for The Royal Mint currently?

Our Precious Metals division is thriving, achieving a record performance in the last financial year. This will be a continued area of focus, alongside The Royal Mint’s digital investment opportunities.

The Royal Mint will continue to reach new markets and new countries, diversifying as a business to ensure it delivers for the future. We have a strong footprint in markets where The Royal Mint brand has been established for a number of years, such as Germany and the Unites States. We will continue to work with trusted partners to grow our presence in territories such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan with our Britannia coin and bar range, and other products.

What is the opportunity you see in the Asia Pacific region, in terms of business growth?

Investors want to ensure that the products they purchase are from a trusted and reputable source and can be liquidated easily.

The security features of The Royal Mint’s Britannia coin represent our renowned, iconic brand. Britannia Bars have also been recently introduced to the Asia Pacific Region, representing a milestone in our international bullion expansion. These consist of 1 g, 5 g 10 g, 20 g, 1oz, 50 g and 100 g gold bars and 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars – all of which have been well-received by investors. We look forward to growing The Royal Mint’s presence in Singapore, the Asia Pacific region, and internationally.

The Royal Mint Britannia 2023; The world’s first bullion coin to feature the first coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III.
The Royal Mint Britannia 2023; The world’s first bullion coin to feature the first coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III.

Can you share any exciting upcoming projects or ventures that The Royal Mint has in the works?

One of our most exciting projects this year is the launch of our Coronation UK Coin Collection. This collection includes the world’s first crowned coinage portrait of King Charles III, which was specifically created for his coronation on May 6th. In addition to the commemorative coins, we will also be launching a range of bullion coins to mark the occasion, including a Coronation Sovereign featuring the official crowned coinage portrait of King Charles III. We anticipate that these coins will be popular with investors and collectors alike.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that we will be expanding our bullion product line this year, providing our customers with a wider range of investment opportunities in gold, silver, and platinum. These new products will be backed by our commitment to sustainable precious metals and British craftsmanship, and we believe they will appeal to both seasoned investors and those new to the precious metals market.

How does The Royal Mint strike a balance between honouring its rich history and tradition, while also remaining agile and innovative to adapt to evolving market trends and consumer preferences?

The Royal Mint has a unique responsibility to balance its rich heritage and tradition with innovation and the evolving needs of its customers. We understand that the world, is changing, and so are we. We are dedicated to staying ahead of market trends and adapting to meet the needs of our consumers.


While our 1,100-year history and traditional craftsmanship are central to our identity, we are also committed to expanding our consumer division and offering premium products and services to customers in the UK and around the world. Our reputation as a world-leading authority on precious metals and our longstanding trust with our customers remain at the core of our business.

As the relationship between people and money evolves, we recognize the need to innovate and transform for the future while holding onto our core values. Sustainability is a crucial component of our business strategy, and we are working towards our commitment to net-zero.

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to continue to innovate and grow while remaining true to our legacy. Our focus remains on offering exceptional products and services, building trust with our partners and customers worldwide, and being a responsible and forward-thinking company that remains committed to its heritage.