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Published on March 9, 2017

2016: A Recap

SBMA has been building its profile through various initiatives and projects over the past six months. Here are some highlights:

July 20-21

Trip to Myanmar organised by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore in conjunction with its Myanmar office and a key member of the SBMA. During the trip, SBMA introduced its role, mission and vision for the bullion industry in the ASEAN region. SBMA engaged key industry players such as the Central Bank of Myanmar, Chief Minister of Yangon, Ministry of Planning and Finance, and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, to find out about the possibility of, and their interest, in expanding their business activities to Singapore. SBMA found out how it could aid their strategic development plans and/or help them establish a presence in Singapore.

August 10-12

Participated in the India International Gold Convention to introduce the Singapore initiative to Indian players and to talk about the Asian market.

October 7-10

Participated in the Australia Precious Metals Symposium in Sydney to introduce SBMA and the Singapore initiative to the Australian audience.

October 11

LBMA’s newsletter, The Alchemist, published a two-page article on SBMA and the Singapore market (see

October 15-19

Supported the annual LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference in Singapore. SBMA played a role in contributing to shaping the programme, inviting delegates from China and ASEAN, and provided local knowledge on logistics to the conference organising team from London.

Supported the annual LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference in Singapore
From left, Albert Cheng (CEO, SBMA), Hawk Namiki (Executive Director, SBMA), Margaret Wong (Business Manager, SBMA) and Sunil Kashyap (Chairman, SBMA) at the LBMA/LPPM Precious Metals Conference.
October 16

Organised a half-day workshop, “Building a physical gold corridor – Singapore/Hong Kong/China Connect”, in conjunction with the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), Hong Kong, which attracted over 70 participants.

SBMA CEO Albert Cheng speaking at the CGSE workshop.
SBMA CEO Albert Cheng speaking at the CGSE workshop.
October 17

Announced the launch of the joint Pre-AM Gold Benchmark Feasibility Study conducted by SBMA, LBMA and ICE Benchmark Administration, an initiative supported by IE Singapore. The new price would complement the existing LBMA “AM” and “PM” Gold Price and make the benchmark prices truly global by bridging the gap between the close of the U.S. market and the opening of the London market.

October 19-20

Arranged meetings for the CEO of IE Singapore to visit one of our key members in Thailand to cement ties between Singapore and Thailand in the gold business, and to introduce the Thai gold business to a group of China gold market participants, including bullion houses, online platform and banks on possible business links between the two countries.

October 11

LBMA’s newsletter, The Alchemist, published a two-page article on SBMA and the Singapore market (see

December 1

CEO Albert Cheng represents SBMA at LBMA’s 15th Biennial Dinner in London, UK.

CEO Albert Cheng represents SBMA at LBMA’s 15th Biennial Dinner in London, UK.
From left, Ruth Crowell (CEO, LBMA), Dr Paul Fisher (Co-Chairman, LBMA) and Albert Cheng (CEO, SBMA) at LBMA’s 15th Biennial Dinner.


19–22 March 2017. London, UK.

LBMA Assaying and Refining Conference 2017

The conference, the seventh in the series organised by the LBMA since 2005, is designed to allow an exchange of views between technical staff of organisations interested in current issues relating to the assaying, refining and casting of precious metals, primarily covering gold and silver and also to provide them with information on the operation of the LBMA’s Good Delivery system.

27 March 2017. Singapore, Singapore.

Bullion Market Outlook 2017 Seminar

SBMA’s first seminar of the year will see keynote speaker Nikos Kavalis of Metals Focus giving a brief review of the gold market in 2016 and the outlook for 2017, which will be followed by a discussion of other industry topics, and a networking session. Venue: Little Red Dot seminar room, IE Singapore, Level 10, Bugis Junction Tower, 230 Victoria Street. Please email for more details.

28–31 March 2017. Singapore, Singapore.

Mining Investment Asia 2017

Mining Investment Asia is a strategic mining conference and exhibition for the leaders of the mining, quarrying and construction materials industries, bringing together 800 attendees from 35 countries. The exhibition demonstrates the very latest in technology and solution innovations to mining industry buyers, while the conference includes speakers who are industry leaders that will provide new perspectives on key issues disrupting and innovating the mining sector, and share cutting edge content and insights on the mining landscape.

5–6 June 2017. Singapore, Singapore.

Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference 2017

The Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference (APPMC) is the SBMA and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore’s flagship event that aims at developing and strengthening a unified body in Southeast Asia for the bullion market.

Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference (APPMC)

Join industry participants and stakeholders from the bullion markets of the 10 ASEAN countries and beyond on June 5-6 at the Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference (APPMC) for two days of discussions, sharing of best practices, networking, and more.

The inaugural APPMC is a platform for developing and strengthening a unified body in Southeast Asia and Oceania for the bullion market. SBMA and IE Singapore welcomes the entire bullion fraternity to participate and share your views, inputs and suggestions to enhance the region’s role in the global bullion market.

The conference will take place on 5-6 June 2017 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore.

We expect 200 delegates from the Asia Pacific region and around the world, with the majority from ASEAN markets. Through this platform, delegates will get to network with stakeholders from the bullion, jewellery and mining sector around the world. We encourage our members to contribute as a sponsor, speaker, exhibitor, or participate as a delegate.
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