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Article List

Creating New Markets, Enabling Accessibility: From Traditional to Digital

By Loh Mun Chun, Director, GoldSilver Central

Published on March 9, 2017

At a time when people are losing faith in political systems, precious metals now have a chance to play their unique role as safe haven investments. GoldSilver Central has launched several new products to enable customers to take charge of their gold, silver and platinum holdings and investments.

The year 2017 looks to be marked by uncertainty as what we’ve come to know as the “new normal” gets disrupted again. For those following economic cycles, the timing couldn’t be better as gold, having peaked around $1,920/oz in 2011, looks set to swing out of the low of $1,045/oz seen in 2015. During this time, GoldSilver Central has seen steady, robust demand for physical bars and coins in gold, silver and platinum.

Singapore has a pro-business environment stemming from pragmatic regulation and close collaboration between government and industry. Operating out of such an economically sound and financially stable jurisdiction allows us to focus on creating the best products to meet all your precious metals investing needs. As the premier precious metals hub in Asia, the appetite for buying physical gold, silver and platinum from Singapore and the demand for storage of these products remains strong.

As the premier precious metals hub in Asia, the appetite for buying physical gold, silver and platinum from Singapore and the demand for storage of these products remains strong.

GSC Live!

GSC Live! – the first (and probably only) spot physical deliverable precious metals trading platform, built on the widely popular MetaTrader4 (MT4), was launched in July 2016. Customers can now instantly buy and sell physical precious metals at real-time spot prices whenever they want with fully deliverable gold, silver and platinum contracts on GSC Live! The MT4 platform also lets customers buy into or sell out of their precious metals holdings using the full set of trading tools available on the MT4 platform (e.g. trailing stops, momentum indicators, etc.). GoldSilver Central customers looking for transparent, live streaming physical precious metals prices have been delighted by the straight-through processing capabilities and neutral real-time pricing of GSC Live!

GSC Savings Accumulation Program

GoldSilver Central’s latest product offering is a savings and accumulation product that allows customers to acquire physical gold, silver and/or platinum in a gradual, cost-efficient manner. The use of dollar cost averaging allows customers to buy precious metals at regular intervals at a fixed amount in dollars, regardless of the current price of gold, silver and/or platinum. Everything is automated and at the end of the savings cycle, the coins or bars that have been accumulated are for the customers to keep. In the future, there will be gold jewellery and other gold items added to the product mix for customers to take home or even to wear.

Loh Mun Chun is a 26-year veteran of the precious metals industry. He is a Director at GoldSilver Central, which he cofounded in 2011, and heads its Private Wealth division. He began his career in 1991 at United Overseas Bank Singapore’s gold department, where he worked on both retail and wholesale businesses. Mun Chun has also held positions at the Bank of Nova Scotia/ScotiaMocatta and Phillip Futures, and was SBMA’s Honorary Auditor and Social Secretary from 1994 to 1995. Before launching GoldSilver Central, Mun Chun sourced and marketed physical precious metals at Commerzbank for 8 years.