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INTL FCStone – Supporting the Bullion Market’s Growth in Asia

Feature: INTL FCStone

Published on June 4, 2018

INTL FCStone’s established its Asia hub in Singapore in 2006, with the aim of adding value to the Asian precious metals market and connecting players in the region to global market opportunities. The company provides customers unrivalled support through funding, risk management, logistics, storage solutions, premier customer service, product offerings, and assistance developing innovative risk management solutions.

The company also offers clients electronic access to both margin and physical trading for precious metals including the opportunity to buy and sell bullion in non-USD currencies such as SGD and AUD via our online trading platform, PMXecute, or by calling the Singapore dealing desk.

INTL FCStone is also a Direct Participant of the London Gold Auction, a Direct Participant of the London Silver Auction, and a Market Maker for the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) sharia-compliant Spot Gold contract.

Connecting Asia to global market opportunities

As Asian economies transition, combined with maturing High Net Worth Individuals market, as well as rapid growth in the emerging HNWI population, INTL is continuing to expand its activities in the wealth management sector.

Today, INTL FCStone’s precious metals team in Asia delivers market access to all of the key regional markets, and includes speakers of Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa, Mandarin and Cantonese.

“We offer wealth managers and their HNW clients high-quality standards as well as financial stability. As well as opening doors to HNWIs we have been expanding our connections to the wealth management industry. The rise of Asian economic might and the region’s vast growth potential all add up to an excellent opportunity”, Huxley said.

Bringing bullion trading into the 21st century

INTL FCStone provides its clients with quick and convenient electronic access to the global precious metals markets via two proprietary trading platforms: PMXecute® (margin trading platform) and PMXecute+® (web-based physical gold trading platform). Both deliver trading experiences that are simple, reliable, intuitive and secure.

PMXecute+® is world’s first premium-based platform connecting consumers and suppliers of physical gold. This online platform brings transparency in buying physical gold, allowing clients to select a location, to view exactly what is on offer in all locations, choose the brand, and select the product. Up to Q1 2018, the platform has connected over one hundred accounts with accredited refineries and active traders.

PMXecute® is INTL’s electronic trading platform providing clients with real-time competitive pricing in both precious metals and foreign exchange. It offers live position analytics and easily accessible margin monitoring are easily accessible. Clients have access to liquidity across all time zones, virtually 24 hours a day with order functionality that can be tracked and viewed in real-time.

Our technology and online platforms can automate and accelerate interaction with customers, improving market access, transparency and efficiency.

In June 2018, PMXecute® will be available on mobile with an easy-to-use app, giving customers unrivalled access to markets wherever they are.

“INTL believes that modern technology should provide customers with free, direct and real-time access to precious metals across the globe, including products offered through our global network of supply partners. Our technology and online platforms can automate and accelerate interaction with customers, improving market access, transparency and efficiency”, Mr Huxley said.


About INTL FCStone

Bullion services
  • Physical trading
  • Ability to price and make payments in foreign currencies
  • Margin trading
  • Location swaps (multiple)
  • Storage and vaulting
  • Risk management
  • Futures clearing and execution
  • Contractual off-take and supply agreements
Deals in
  • Refined products such as LBMA, non-LBMA bars (large bars, kilo bars, 100 g bars)
  • Semi-refined products and doré
  • Scrap
  • Off-take arrangements
Other services in Singapore
  • Global payments (175 countries)
  • Commodity hedging for dairy, grains, oilseeds and softs
Memberships (Asia & London)
  • London Bullion Market Association
  • London Platinum and Palladium Market Association
  • Clearing and Execution Members of the CME
  • London Metal Exchange
  • Singapore Bullion Market Association
  • Market Making Members of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange
Parent company

INTL FCStone Inc.



Total assets:

US$6.24 billion

Markets traded:
  • Grains/Oilseeds
  • Metals
  • Securities
  • Energy
  • Dairy
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Softs
  • Meats/Livestock
  • Forest Products
  • Currencies
  • Financial Futures


Martin Huxley
INTL Asia Pte Ltd
#12-62 Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Tel: +65 6309 1000

* This article was published in partnership with INTL FCStone